Crane Bury

Module Series

Addressable System



  • Low power consumption in monitoring mode, high stability.
  • Control Module AH-06717B is designed to control input & output for all kinds of systems. (fire alarm, smoke evacuation, sprinkler, foam , winding door...etc.)
  • Output module AH-00217A can directly connect with power source. The output voltage from N.O. & N.C. will be the same as input voltage.
  • Monitor module AH-00217K is designed to monitor security condition, such as water supply, pump action ...etc.
  • Model AH-00217A & AH-06717B are easy to install, either single module installation or several modules installed on a special mounting bar. Implanted type gang box is available to suit the decoration design.
  • The Module is designed with separate input and output contacts to decrease the difficulty of moving external wiring.