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Photoelectric Smoke Detector AHS-871

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Model AHS-871
Type 2-wire 3-wire 4-wire
Alarm Contact N/A N/A 0.8A @30VDC
0.4A @125V AC
Voltage Range 12 ~ 30V DC
Alarm Current Max.30mA
Surge Current 2A/100ms
Standby Current 20 ~ 30μA (Loop response under 75μA)
Permissible Current 185mA
Sensitivity Setting 1.50 ~ 2.80%ft
Ambient Temperature 0 ~ +37.8
Material Fire-proof plastic
Dimensions 111mm(Dia.) x 50mm(H)
Weight About 170g
Color White


  • Detector has a monitoring LED that operates about every 16 seconds ( flash ) during standby status. When there is smoke, the detector will issue fire signal after 16 consecutive confirmations. (every 0.3 second) If any dust causes flashing or an intermittent signal, it will return to normal status after 32 confirmations.
  • The coating of terminal contacts meets the Rohs and provides better results on corrosion and conductive.
  • Each detector has added specific components that will effectively isolate interference from electromagnetic fields and lightening strike.
  • All detectors use high-density steel for the contacting plate material.